A Community for BIPOC in Media

HUE bolsters diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging. Our mission is to build community, provide mentorship, and foster employment opportunities for BIPOC media professionals. 

Our Core Values

Our guiding principles ensure we fulfill our goal of creating an unwavering guide for our community

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    ​True empathy is rooted in veracity. We welcome dialogue and discomfort to inspire positive change.

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    We invite partnership and affiliation with organizations committed to diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging to move intention to action.

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    We encourage BIPOC professionals to hone their skills and assert their agency, ensuring individuals succeed as their authentic selves.

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    HUE strives to help organizations identify and eliminate barriers that have “tokenized” and limited fair treatment, access, opportunity and advancement for BIPOC.

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    We are committed to transforming culture so that any individual or group feels welcomed, supported, and valued to fully participate within our organization and media.

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    We honor the dignity of all individuals. We are committed to creating and maintaining safe spaces for BIPOC professionals that embrace their values, backgrounds, and experiences.

Our Story 

"Four years ago I had a vision in the middle of the night to create a community for BIPOC Professionals to tell them about jobs in film and tv and to help them navigate their professional careers. It began as a Facebook group of 27 people and has grown to over 16k. I also realized I could leverage my career as an opportunity to speak with leaders in the industry to create change within their companies."

- Bree Frank 2021, Founder


HUE You Know is a 22,000+ member production resource group for media professionals of color that was founded by television executive Bree Frank in 2017. Comprised of international members of multiple ethnicities, HUE You Know's principal focus is to create a safe space for professionals of all levels to post employment opportunities, seek mentorship and community.

Within the group, we have Executive Producers, Co-Executive Producers, Lawyers, Accountants, Directors, Producers, CEO's, VP's, Artists, and many more. We also have Public Relations, Licensing, Marketing, Film & TV (scripted and unscripted) and radio professionals represented. We are dedicated to employment, empowerment, and inclusion in all ways and welcome partnership and affiliation with organizations with the same principles.

Alongside Bree Frank, HUE You Know is run by Shirley Vernae Williams, Gideon Moncrieffe, Kristen V. Carter, and Anne Marie Denson who are all senior level content creators who are based between New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles and interface with their members on a daily basis.

Meet the Team

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Bree Frank

photo of Gideon Moncrieffe, Outreach Director for Hue You Know

Gideon Moncrieffe

Outreach Director
photo of Kristen V. Carter, Head of Community Engagement & Career Development for Hue You Know

Kristen V. Carter

Head of Community Engagement & Career Development
photo of Anne Marie Denson, Head of Mentorship for Hue You Know

Anne Marie Denson

Head of Mentorship

Who We Work With

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